10 Best Email Marketing Campaigns

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches — at scale.” - David Newman

Email Marketing is the next big thing for anyone who follows marketing trends diligently. There were always newsletters and emails being sent to the visitors of a website. However, in the past years, there have been some changes to this scenario. The frequency and the level of personalization of these emails have increased exponentially. Think about it, you sign up on a website, you get a welcome email, an email updating about the discounts and new collections at least thrice a week, items you clicked on the website, items in your cart and so much more.

If you are a marketer looking to build a sales funnel to increase your conversions, email marketing is the way to go. The catch behind any successful campaign is to create a newsletter with captivating copy and attractive graphics. Readers do not read a promotional email, they scan it. So the email should be scannable and they only go on to reading it if something important catches their eye.

To get a good grasp of what I mentioned, let us look into the ten examples of email marketing — handpicked to make sure you learn from the best.

10 Best Email Marketing Campaigns


Sephora is one of those brands that have been on the top of our minds whenever we are making a purchase. As a woman, I acknowledge the cute packaging, great discounts, promising products, and reasonable prices. However, as a marketer, their content strategy needs to be applauded.

Sephora Australia’s ‘Win a trip to Paris’ campaign stands out from the thousand campaigns by different beauty brands. The campaign intended to increase the engagements and no one has ever said no to Paris when there is a free trip involved. ‘Bonjour Beauty’ is a great way to introduce the reader to the content. The graphic of the woman in front of the Eiffel Tower is helpful in directly putting the point across. The woman holds an Air France ticket and that denotes that the campaign is actually done in collaboration with Air France. The content is strategically placed at the bottom so as to ensure that the graphics and the copy on the top are initially put across the point. The content is followed by the click-to-action button that facilitates conversions.

Win a Trip to Paris — email marketing campaign for Sephora
Sephora’s ‘Win a trip to Paris’ campaign


Uber is a spontaneous player when it comes to marketing. Along with many other interesting emails, this one stood out. This email campaign was able to get the conversions because of its simplistic nature. It follows all the rules that an email marketer must follow. It has got a sharp copy, readable text, great visuals, and a simple click-to-action button. The email was meant to drive conversions for the ride pass. The key takeaway here would be, how straightforward and direct the email is. No one spends more than a minute on a promotional email. In that regard, Uber has outdone itself with a successful and remarkable email campaign.

Uber’s Ride Pass — email marketing campaign for Uber
Uber’s Ride Pass


Anyone that has paid a visit to the technical side of sales and marketing work knows how important testing is. Litmus is an email-testing tool that helps marketers find analytical solutions to their email-related problems. This campaign helped the marketers by offering them seven free templates that are tried and tested by Litmus. The most captivating part of the email is the 243% increase in the open rate.

Their campaign was successful as their advice was taken well by their audiences. This was solely because if a platform like Litmus gives you seven templates that have worked for everyone, you take it. As an email testing platform, Litmus added value in a really unique way and that helped in boosting its conversions considerably. You can also notice how Litmus has teamed up with Stamplia. For those of you who do not know this, Stamplia is an email template marketplace. Yes, you heard that right — marketers buy email templates. Many non-tech businesses buy HTML templates from such marketplaces to send newsletters to their audiences, without having to hire a tech team.

Stamplia and Litmus join hands for an email marketing campaign
Litmus joins hands with Stamplia


If you are living under a rock and do not know what BuzzFeed is then I’ll tell you — it is the website with a video or an article on everything. Celeb stories, DIY, Life hacks, crazy food recipes and so much more — BuzzFeed is a world within a world, documenting the world it dwells within. Not To confuse you further, email marketing is an important component of BuzzFeed’s content being discovered. BuzzFeed is a global network and it sends out newsletters to ensure that its audiences come back and engage with their new content. Their newsletters are the main source of traffic to their website. One of their most loved campaigns is ‘This Week in Cats’. Every Friday, BuzzFeed sends out a newsletter that contains adorable stories on cats. This is something the readers love and relate to.

BuzzFeed and Cats is a love affair..


Courtesy of the pandemic and corporate jobs, Flock is widely known. If you have not come across one of these two and are living under a rock, Flock is a messaging and collaboration tool widely used in corporate offices. It has been rather popular in the pandemic because of obvious reasons. This is an example of a reminder email. It helps in increasing the productivity of the team. The uniqueness of this email is its short and crisp formation. There is one call-to-action button with two sentences including social proof on the email. This reminder email is one of the most effective ways to keep the productivity of the team intact.

Flock  email marketing campaign for Flock
Flock’s notification rituals


Airbnb is an American chain of homestays for tourists all over the world. As much as we love Airbnb, any hospitality service provider needs feedback to get better. Airbnb, as a brand, is synonymous with a homestay — which says a lot about their level of hospitality. A homestay can never feel like home but the best thing AirBnB does is get it to the closest possible status. This email is a survey email intended to collect feedback from the users of the app. The email is effective because of its straightforward approach. It is mentioned that it will not take more than 3 minutes which helps in getting the users to click-to-action promptly.

Feedback —  email marketing campaign for AirBnB
Airbnb seeks feedback


Aesop is a beauty brand that is very famous for its clean product development and ethical marketing. It is a brand that seems to stand out because they follow a natural and raw approach even in their advertising. Aesop’s marketing always feels like a breath of fresh breeze in the world of ads that feed off people’s insecurities.

Aesop used email marketing to announce the launch of the sale of its products online. The beauty of this email is how everyone who sees it scrolls down to figure out what’s actually happening in the picture. The picture is nothing less than a print ad. It shows a picture of neatly stacked Aesop products as other products are replaced in one’s bathroom. The copy is pretty simple and direct.

launching new products — email marketing campaign for Aesop
Aesop launches new products in style


This new year’s email campaign of Headspace is particularly exciting. Headspace launched it by the end of December. This was actually the best time for the campaign strategically because all over the world people make New Year’s Eve resolutions in the last few weeks of December. Buying a 6-month subscription would only add more assertiveness to the resolution and it being for just $20 really helps the process.

New Year Resolution — email marketing campaign for headspace
Headspace’s NY gift — 2017–18


Starbucks is an American chain of coffeehouses and roastery reserves, and also the Beyoncé of coffee. How is Starbucks always on top of my mind when I say ‘let’s go for a coffee run’? Great coffee, maybe but great emails sure help.

Starbucks Insider Campaign — email marketing campaign for Starbucks
Starbucks Insider Campaign

This campaign is to advertise the Starbucks Insider campaign. The Starbucks Insider subscription is a great way to get access to the latest Starbucks-related news, promotions, and a Starbucks card to pay with. The various benefits of the membership are also mentioned in the email itself, and I’d just say that makes a whole lot of difference. The mention of free drinks from Starbucks can get anyone interested.


Stitcher is an online platform that helps in creating, distributing, and monetizing podcasts. Stitcher’s Recommended For You emails are literally the most enhanced product recommendation emails I’ve noticed after Youtube and Spotify. The emails are a great catalyst to the discoverability of new podcasts and additional engagement on the application. The design is simple but very responsive. Each podcast can be saved for listening later on. You know how podcasts are best during a walk or a run- it’s almost like you got your best friend to the park.

email marketing campaign for Stitcher
Stitcher personalizes….


Last but not the least, my personal favorite — Ferrari of Austin. This email marketing campaign is my personal favorite as it is meant to advertise the featured inventory, specifically the latest and the greatest Ferrari. If you take a look at the Ferrari newsletter, you would think that it is a rather bold move for a brand. But let me tell you — it is not a brand, it is the latest and the greatest Ferrari.

Austin of Ferrari — email marketing campaign for ferrari
Ferrari, like never before!?

Hoping on the bandwagon of the unprecedented success of 488 GTB, Ferrari insisted customers contact their sales department to understand the deposit process. Not every day do you see a brand sending out newsletters to its customers to contact their sales department. Also, it is noteworthy how Ferrari calls their customers clients — because they believe they are selling more than just a car — an experience. This campaign also increased the engagement of their clients while buying the Ferrari that further helped their brand equity.

Some Takeaways

Personalizing emails as per your target audience could be the best thing you can do. Most websites are discovered through search and are further engaged with through email subscriptions. I discovered Medium through a search discovery, I spent some time reading a few articles and then subscribed to the newsletter because I would like to find more content to read.

So the catch here is the people, you are sending emails to, probably only likes you and hence, there is no point in trying too hard. The thing you must focus on would be to have them keep liking you, or just to stay at the top of their minds now and then. Your emails would be appreciated if they add some kind of value to the readers' lives or the company’s branding. At least, that must be the intent.

My parting advice would be to not spam (please) and try to be meaningful. If you are a personal brand starting out, there should not be a need to send out self-congratulatory pieces of content now and then, you can be honest with your audiences.

Stay true to yourself and add value, that’s it.

Hope this added some sort of value to your life. If not, feel free to add some in mine by commenting below. Feedback is always appreciated.




Born and raised in India, Palak aspires to create an impact through what she writes. She plans to travel the world widely and vividly.

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Palak Jain

Palak Jain

Born and raised in India, Palak aspires to create an impact through what she writes. She plans to travel the world widely and vividly.

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